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A more personal take on DST

I previously published an entry about a uniform Daylight Saving Time but it occurred to me this year that there is no need to be so rigid. Instead, I suggest a compromise which everyone with a smart phone can use - "Personal Daylight Time" or PDT. See, we just need to put an abstraction layer between the icky science of the earth rotating and the sun being overhead at a particular time each day, which can be terribly annoying for those who talked through science class in 3rd grade.

Everyone who wants something other than "Standard" time just puts the times they'd like the sun to rise and set each day. The app then maps those times to the local sunrise and sunset. When you get your work schedule or dinner reservation, the app converts from the (completely unreadable) standard time based on your location on earth to your personal time which you feel maximizes your personal enjoyment. Likewise, you can send an invite in your time, and the recipient will see it in their time.

It's just like having Google Calendar manage times zones for you when you have a distant Zoom call. Simple, no?

*Note: you will experience faster or slower personal seconds throughout the day depending on your preferred sunrise and sunset days, and it will vary by day.