You want to do what?

Daylight Saving Time - ditch it or fix it

DST is for people living and working in the 21st century, but who's brains are locked somewhere around 100,000BC. Time is just numbers. Efficient lighting exists. You don't have to play outside after work. And if the sun comes up at 4:30am, you can either get up early and get your work/fun in or you can put up darker curtains.

I mean, we have so much better technology now, if you must keep DST, let's do one of two things:

Sunrise based: modern DST would define Sunrise as 8am. OR Sunset based: modern DST would define Sunset at 9pm.*

Your smart device would simply adjust each day (or each second as you travel) for your location to correct for the local condition.

You can't say it's not practical because times will be different everywhere - they already are! We have 24 time zones. And you can't say it's impractical because we would be moving between them because, hey, we already are!

*the 8AM sunrise would be the capitalist option - for the business owners of collar-workers, white and blue; 9PM sunset would be for the libertarians, the "I must recreate after work" crowd.