You want to do what?

Voting shouldn't be political

Until there are new rules for voting, such as ranked choice and/or abolishing parties, voting isn't about a candidate we agree with, or respect, or even like. In the system we have, the government text books were all wrong.

Voting is selecting and hiring an employee, specifically - an executive level position. We look at qualifications and experience. And we don't get to leave the position unfilled - the resumes that HR handed us (in this case, one of the two major party candidates) are the ones from which we have to choose.

We'd all love to vote for the person who wins our heart, shares our values, and understands our position. That's just not the way it works. It's just a job and somebody has to do it. Ignoring it or choosing someone that's not on the HR list is shirking your responsibility on the hiring team.